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The Power of Video Marketing in the Automotive Industry

Tuesday, Sep 18, 2012
By: Megan Baker, Project Leader

Today’s automotive industry is extremely fast-paced and when it comes to selling your brand as a car dealer, the stakes are pretty high. Car dealers are going to great lengths to leverage potential customers via social media marketing, traditional marketing, email marketing, and now mobile apps are adding a whole new piece to the marketing puzzle. But one crucial link to marketing success in the automotive industry is, without a doubt, video marketing.

Marketers can use video in just about every aspect of a marketing campaign; your social media marketing campaign may include sharing videos from YouTube, while you’re email blasts may contain a video message from your Service Manager. Car dealers can find many benefits in using video to bring their story to the masses, put a face to their name and to influence potential, present, as well as past customers.

Why Video?

YouTube is still the 2nd largest search engine after Google. This means, if your customers aren’t searching for you on Google, they’re looking for your videos on YouTube. With the rise of “prosumer” video cameras and user-friendly editing software, everyone has the ability to shoot, edit and share videos with ease. With that being said, video quality really runs the gamut. Creating high-quality videos that will set you apart from the cookie-cutter picture slideshows and hand-held iPhone videos is the first step to success in video marketing.

Marketing in the automotive industry is extremely visual. Would you buy a car without seeing it first? Never. These days, potential customers may not even think about walking into your dealership without seeing the car first, either online or in a print ad. Think about it… Your customer wants to buy a car, but why should they buy a car from you? The best way to explain the difference between you and your competitors is to show it. Convincing potential customers to purchase a car from your dealership is one thing, but convincing them to say, “I wouldn’t buy a car from anyone else,” is a completely different ball game, and that’s where video comes into play.

So you want to get ahead of the curve?

You know you want to start putting your eggs in the video marketing basket, but how exactly should you go about it? There are a few basic steps car dealers can take to start using video to brand themselves to potential car buyers.

1. Get in the right mindset – change your marketing mantra. There are hundreds of Mercedes-Benz dealerships throughout the country, so why should potential car buyers come to your dealership? Putting emphasis on your dealership’s branding is just as important as focusing on marketing the actual car brand. With video, you have the power to tell your story and let people know what sets you apart from your competitors. Video offers you a chance to show and tell potential customers exactly why they shouldn’t shop anywhere else for their next car.

2. Hire a professional. Any video is better than no video, right? Wrong. Having a good set of highly produced videos will certainly set you apart from the “do-it-yourselfers” and the rookies churning out picture slideshows and home movie-style videos. It takes a certain level of video quality to garner the type of attention you want for your brand and your business, so make an effort to put more of your marketing money into videos that are far superior to those of your competitors.

3. Start thinking more visually. Once you’ve got some great videos under your belt, you’re ready to move mountains when it comes to every aspect of your overall marketing strategy. A single video about your car dealership can be used on your website, in your email marketing, throughout your social media marketing, in a television ad, on a TV display in your dealership…the possibilities are endless.  Having an arsenal of high quality videos about your brand and business will have you well-prepared for just about any marketing battle you face.

If you’re looking to get ahead and stay ahead in the automotive industry, video marketing is an essential piece of the marketing puzzle. Remember, it’s not enough to just say you’re the best; you’ve got to prove it through show and tell.

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