I've heard of glass ceilings, but never balloon floors.

Friday, Mar 13, 2015

Friday the 13th, a day known for misfortune and missteps, will forever have a different connotation to a company of digital marketers in NJ.

Jennifer Patterson, VP of Operation at Single Throw Digital Marketing, wanted to do something unique, fun and uplifting to shuffle out the winter doldrums.

Jennifer had a plan to disrupt the daily flow by creating an immersive experience that even those with the worst cases of winter lethargy could not ignore.

Hours after everyone left the building, Jennifer had the office floors completely covered in multi-colored balloons. Areas of the office that house the marketing minds behind the award-winning digital marketing company and are not traveled by clients, were now covered in nearly 1,000 balloons.

Doors were shut, lights turned out and the balloons sat in wait behind closed doors to be spontaneously discovered by the nearly forty employees on route to their workspaces.

So, on a cold and dreary Friday, like so many over the past few months, employees shuffled into the office and slowly they made their way to the balloon riddled areas. But on this Friday, doors which were normally open were closed, causing a slight pause before knobs turned, doors flew open and balloons of every color shifted and moved in the wake of air caused by door openings throughout the office.

It looked like Willy Wonka’s accounting firm. A sea of colored orbs covering every inch of the floor, surrounding cubicles, desks and chairs. Employees confused but happy and smiling from ear-to-ear as they carefully waded through a sea of joy as if walking through two feet of snow.

Discovering the balloons is only the beginning. Each employee has found a wooden spike—a pointy skewer no longer than a pencil on their desks. The mandate? Every time something good happens during the course of the day, you pop a balloon. A great call with a customer—you pop a balloon. A good meeting—you pop a balloon. Great tuna sandwich for lunch—POP! Especially good cup of coffee—POP! Anything good at all no matter how small—POP!

Jennifer is expecting that each employee pops an average of 20 balloons, clearing the floor by days end.

Will balloon floor Friday become a thing? Maybe.
Was it a good time had by all? Maybe.

Here’s what it truly was—it was something. Something different, something disruptive, something meant to be fun and stir the creative juices during an arduous winter. And isn’t something always better than nothing?

Big hat tip to Jennifer Patterson for the idea, execution and for doing… something.