VNA Health Group Expands Reach Appealing to a Digital Consumer

Friday, Oct 30, 2015


For more than a century, Visiting Nurse Association Health Group (VNA) has been providing innovative patient home care to over 120,000 individuals throughout New Jersey’s communities.

As a source of some of the most essential home care services designed to improve the quality of our loved ones’ lives, VNA’s patient-centered focus has made them the obvious provider for these home care services year after year.

But although the largest New Jersey non-profit of its kind, the absence of VNA’s digital authority stood in stark contrast to its ubiquitous offline influence on its donors, constituents and beneficiaries.


Like many non-profit organizations turning to digital mediums to elevate brand messaging and enhance overall reach, VNA faced an identity crisis of sorts. On the one hand, you had a time-tested and trusted servant to its constituents and beneficiaries, while on the other hand, you had a totally unproven digital brand clamoring to garner some degree of attention amid a fierce digital marketplace.

The inconsistencies of the brand’s on and offline personas resulted in a fundamental obstruction to digital acquisitions. And so the challenge became making a prominent name in New Jersey’s visiting nursing care, the premier choice to a digital audience expressing more and more every day their need for VNA’s expertise.

To learn more about the successes VNA continues to enjoy because of appealing to a new, digital customer, read and download a full copy of this case study here.

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