Mobile Application Development

Why do you want to develop a mobile application?

We ask this question to every client that comes in looking for mobile application development.

That’s because not every problem is solved with mobile app development. Sometimes, problems can be created.

At Single Throw, We Develop Mobile Applications, and We Do It Well.

As a digital marketing company, our approach to mobile application development encompasses everything from ideation to a complete go-to-market marketing strategy, all under one roof.

Our mobile app development includes:

  • Pre-development research
  • Mobile application specification and ideation
  • User interface (UI) design
  • In-app written content (UX writing)
  • Goals, measurements, data points, and tracking
  • Ongoing support and optimization

And our key advantage?

As a digital marketing agency, we give you advanced digital marketing campaigns designed to gain mobile app users who will support your business. 

But before we develop a mobile application, we need to understand why it should exist, why it should be mobile, who it serves and why that person can’t live without it on their mobile device. 

Once these questions are answered, there’s no stopping us.

Single Throw opened its doors in 2001, the same year the first smartphone connected to the internet.

Our team has a long history in the development of applications for mobile environments, across numerous industries. We have the expertise and vision to properly take ideas and turn them into concepts, take concepts and bring them to completion.

If you’re looking for a mobile application development company, we’d love to ask you some questions. Let’s chat.

With our mobile app development services, you can grow your business and reach more customers.