Your Complimentary Email Deliverability Study

It’s not really about deliverability. It’s about ROI.

Email is one of the most powerful tools in your digital marketing toolbox. Maybe the most powerful.

It’s also the oldest, most time-tested digital marketing method. In 2021, email marketing can do incredible things, and there’s a good chance your competitors are using it to create big returns.

For instance, it can earn you $44 for every $1 spent. To get that kind of ROI, you need to win at deliverability.

Email deliverability is the percentage of emails that make it to inboxes vs. spam folders.

Worldwide, about 1 in 6 emails (or about 17%) land in spam. That’s 17% of email subscribers who never get the chance to become prospects.

So let’s see… 100% – 17% = 83%. That’s the total deliverability rate on planet Earth, a B-minus.

To achieve results like 44x ROI (and beat your competitors at email) you need to score an A or an A+.

To help you hit that mark, we’re making our email marketing expertise available for a limited time.

(And we’re not sending this offer to everyone… that’s bad for deliverability.)

Single Throw Marketing is now offering a

Complimentary Email Deliverability Study

for a limited time, to qualified businesses.

The deliverability study includes:

Content Audit

Better content leads to more engagement and better open rates, which leads to better deliverability, better conversion, and higher ROI.

  • Includes reviews of:
    • Copywriting
    • Layout
    • Coding structure
    • Link Quality

Infrastructure Analysis

These are technical factors in your “reputation score”. E.g. — if you follow security protocols, algorithms favor you and raise your deliverability, increasing your ROI.

  • Sender IP Analysis
    • What is your reputation score? (a main factor in deliverability algorithms)
    • Are you on any blacklists? (If so, you are being sorted as spam?)
  • Domain Security Protocols
    • DMARC, SPF and DKIM — Domain security features. These will boost your reputation score (and deliverability) almost instantly.
  • Mail Server IPAre you using a trusted service to ensure you’re not blacklisted?

Design & User-Experience Audit

We’ll review visual layout on all major email platforms, across all devices. By ensuring a good experience for every reader, you can increase click-through, deliverability, and ROI.

  • Analysis on most popular email clients:
    • User experience audit within, Gmail/Outlook/Yahoo/Outlook/Android/iPhone.
    • See exactly how your emails are appearing to your subscribers.

Data Collection

Know the current effectiveness of your email marketing, and you’ll know where and how to improve your future efforts.

  • Inbox placement analysis
    • Where emails are going on specific email platforms (e.g. – “promotions” or “updates” folders, or main inbox)
  • What are your click-through and open rates?
  • What is your current deliverability score?

Remember— In 2021, well-run email marketing should earn you $44 for every $1 spent, or more. Returns like that begin with deliverability, and materialize with content that converts. We’ll put you on that path with your personalized, complimentary email deliverability study.

This complimentary offer is available to select qualified businesses, for a limited time.

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