Shark Tank Entrepreneur Looks To Take A Bite Out Of Google With Help From Single Throw

Wall, NJ 02/09/16 – Single Throw Digital Marketing has teamed up with the makers of a revolutionary new product that makes learning guitar easier than ever. The device, which attaches to the top of a guitar neck, easily teaches you where to place your fingers to create crystal-clear chords. As seen on ABC’s hit entrepreneurial TV show, Shark Tank, the makers of the ChordBuddy Guitar Learning System asked Single Throw to craft a digital strategy that would put their radical new approach to guitar lessons into the hands of an online buying public searching for the best way to learn guitar.

Single Throw has been in the digital marketing game since there was a digital marketing game. It’s simple—they know what they’re doing and they know it’s all about sales. At the end of the day, if you ain’t sellin, you ain’t eatin! – Travis Perry (Founder and CEO of ChordBuddy)

By taking one of the most popular and most challenging instruments to learn, and transforming it into one of the easiest to play, ChordBuddy has become an ideal alternative to the traditionally frustrating ways guitar is self-taught. Single Throw’s job became to make ChordBuddy the obvious choice for the guitar novice using digital mediums to research easier ways to learn guitar.

“Travis Perry (inventor of ChordBuddy) is brilliant. He has developed something incredible and the minute I met him, I knew we needed to be part of his mission,”  – Larry Bailin (Single Throw Digital Marketing CEO)

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