Why Local Search Optimization is Critical in 2015

Wednesday, Jan 07, 2015

Google enjoys providing the searcher with local results. Based on buyer behavior, Google is so certain that a searcher’s location is critical to providing the most relevant information, that it offers local business options above everything else on the search engine results page.

For the business owner, this changes the game, and undoubtedly creates a sense of urgency. But, for what reason?

Local search provides buyers who are ready to make a purchase with relevant choices.

Need a general physician? There’s one minutes away. Looking for a company to do lawn care for the summer? Done.

When local businesses are placed at the top of search results, businesses are given the opportunity to stand in front of the searchers who are using specific phrases to find their solutions. Using specific phrases means the searcher knows exactly what they’re looking for. They’re making decisions. They’re ready to buy.

And, what’s more valuable than becoming an option for your audience?

Now’s the time to take action. No longer is it acceptable to sit back and watch your neighboring competitors take eager, ready-to-buy customers out of your hands. If you have a business, and if your business relies on customers to survive, you need to win local.