Internet Marketing Resources Behind our Expertise

As a professional Internet marketing company that has been in the Internet marketing businesses as long as we have, you tend to come across a lot of useful (and useless) marketing websites and resources.

During our own website development process, it was hard not to fall into the trap of, "too many cooks in the kitchen." Our Internet marketing consultants, specialists, and experts all wanted to get involved in the website development process. If we let all the staffers get involved (over 30 people when this site was launched) we never would have finished our website.

We did, however, let them get involved with the development of this particular page because we felt it would benefit you. We wanted to create a list of resources for our clients, clients-to-be, and the casual website visitor (who may know someone that should be our client) that our staffers visit and use frequently in their quest to enhance their Internet marketing greatness.

Below you will find a bevy of favorite Internet marketing links and other marketing resources brought to you by the Single Throw team. If you have any questions about the below resources, or would like to learn more about the services we have to offer, we invite you to contact us


Used by Internet marketers around the world, eMarketer is a source of digital marketing research, insight, and assessment. At Single Throw, we use it as a tool for analyzing our clients’ campaigns and determining the best next step.


SmartSheet is a Cloud-based project management tool, used to create schedules for individual projects. At Single Throw, we know that staying organized is key to moving forward, and we use SmartSheet to determine how long it will take to complete each phase of your marketing plan.

eMarketer Daily

By subscribing to the weekly newsletters of eMarketer Daily, you'll have dozens of news articles sent directly to your inbox. Among these articles, you'll find the latest in Internet marketing data, insight, and perspective.

Visual Website Optimizer

The Visual Website Optimizer helps to show what the latest usability trends are within the digital marketing world. The tests it runs help us determine, based on their study, the most effective ways to enhance our clients’ websites.

MOZ Blog

The world of Internet marketing is constantly changing, especially when it comes to SEO. The MOZ blog is a great resource for finding the most recent and relevant information and to interact with others in the industry.

Search Engine Journal

Social media and search engine optimization are both key factors within a successful marketing strategy. Visit Search Engine Journal for insight into news, tools, and best practices as they relate to these vital forms of Internet marketing.