WALL, NJ – The team at Single Throw congratulates our founder and CEO, Larry Bailin, for being named Attitudes In Reverse (AIR)’s Champion of Hope honoree at their 2022 Taste of Hope gala.

AIR is a Princeton, NJ-based nonprofit whose mission is to bring free mental health education and suicide prevention to young people and adults. AIR’s programs use interactive presentations, facilitated discussion, and therapy dogs to help people move past stigma, confront their mental states, and seek the help they need.

Larry has a long history of supporting causes related to youth mental health, including serving on the executive board of Students Against Destructive Decisions (SADD), a nationwide charity that helps students prevent issues such as reckless driving and bullying. Larry has said that his experiences growing up in New Jersey and the fact that his wife is a psychiatric nurse have both influenced him to lend a hand in efforts to improve mental health services.

When he was notified about this honor, Larry said, “Receiving the Champion of Hope Award is very humbling. I come from very humble beginnings in New Jersey, and I’ve never been accustomed to being recognized for the things I do, those I support, or what I’ve achieved. I do what I do and support who I support because it means something to me, and I’m in a position to make a difference. Being recognized for what I’ve done is the least important thing; however, I’m beyond honored for the recognition and will make sure it brings more awareness to the cause. I hope to help AIR through influential introductions to expand their reach to those who need them across the country.”

Larry will be recognized at the sixth annual AIR Taste of Hope event on Wednesday, October 12th, which will be held at the Princeton Marriott at Forrestal from 6 PM to 9 PM. Once again, congrats to Larry from all of us at Single Throw – you definitely deserve it!