Shark Tank Entrepreneur Hits All The Right Marketing Chords

Wednesday, Jan 23, 2019


Travis Perry had already done what most entrepreneurs could only dream of—showcase his unique invention, ChordBuddy, to the world on ABC’s hit show, Shark Tank in February of 2012. Nevertheless, over five years later, Perry’s sales of his product had stagnated.

Shark Tank popularity had faded, and Travis faced a pressing challenge—increase awareness and sales of ChordBuddy on a limited budget. Yes, there were hundreds of thousands of people searching for ways to learn how to play guitar, but how could ChordBuddy’s message cut through the noisy digital space with limited resources?

After consulting with the team at Single Throw Marketing, Travis devised a strategy that called for a smart, measurable approach to tackling his sales challenge. The results? Well, they speak for themselves! 


ChordBuddy holds the distinction of being one of the hottest products to appear on the hit television show Shark Tank, but as ChordBuddy inventor Travis Perry is fond of saying, “You better be on your marketing game, Shark Tank popularity fades fast!”

ChordBuddy is an innovative device used to teach guitar that boasts a greater than 90% success rate, but when there are hundreds of thousands of people looking to learn to play guitar at any given time, the challenge is, how do you reach them with a limited budget?

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