Supermarket Achieves Super Results

Wednesday, Jan 23, 2019


No, the food and beverage industry will never suffer from lack of demand. As time progresses, however, the environment in which retail brands operate continues to grow more chaotic and transformative. Just ask the team at Foodtown, a NJ/NY-based 70+ grocery store retailer tasked with adapting to this ever-changing environment.

Foodtown was faced with unique challenges—increasing foot traffic in each of their locations and online sales of their Foodtown-On-The-Go delivery brand—that required experience and expertise in the digital marketing space. Leadership entrusted their challenges with the team at Single Throw Marketing and achieved results that have yet to be seen!


Never has there been a more chaotic or transformative time for retail. New brands appearing in the ether and on the ground. Online behemoths entering the fray and empowering hundreds of thousands of specialty sellers to emerge into an already congested market.  Technological innovation fragments shoppers with the lure of convenience and limitless choice, creating sweeping behavioral changes in how consumers discover, engage, share and even pay for goods and services.  

Retailers are forced to fight a battle few are equipped to win and even fewer can afford to lose.  

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