Responsive Web Design Services that Keep Your Site Ahead of the Curve

Responsive web design is no longer an option. The moment Google vehemently declared they would treat responsive web design more favorably than non-responsive websites, being a reluctant bystander to the mobile movement was no longer an option. Responsive web design not only became a necessity from a user experience perspective, it was now a search engine optimization imperative.

We’re not splitting the atom here. Responsive web design allows your website to be, well, responsive—responding favorably to the specific device your potential customers are using when accessing your website.

Responsive Web Design: A Dedicated Mobile Site Just Isn't Enough

Aside from the engagement benefits, responsive web design is a better choice than dedicated mobile websites for a variety of reasons. A website with properly executed responsive website design doesn’t have to be viewed using a separate URL. Instead, the responsive website automatically detects the user’s device and adjusts accordingly. With a responsive website, you only market and maintain one URL. In a responsive environment, users also have click-to-call options and every page of your site is now accessible, not just a select few as with dedicated mobile sites.

Not only does responsive web design improve user experience and lead to better engagement, a direct byproduct of better engagement is…more sales.

As with anything we do here at Single Throw, we fully integrate digital marketing services within our responsive web design services - website usability, custom website development, search engine optimization services, etc. In short, we won’t just develop a custom website and let you go on your way. We cultivate a comprehensive digital marketing strategy that wins you business.

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