Search Retargeting that Asks: Wouldn't You Like a Second Chance?

When someone visits your website, search engine marketing hasn’t yet earned its keep. Only when a qualified someone visits your website, has search engine marketing begun to do what your Internet marketing company was hired to make happen.

But when search engine marketing satisfies its full potential, it drives these qualified leads to your website and they complete a desired action. Perhaps they fill out a form, or click a phone number from their mobile phone, or even complete a purchase. Regardless of the action we want them to take, sometimes they’re going to leave without completing the journey. When this happens, hiring the right retargeting company can be the difference between letting these well-suited buyers go without a fight or reacquiring them with finesse.

Retargeting, also known as remarketing, is a strategic way to gently persuade these exiting buyers to resume their buying journey on your website. This sophisticated search engine marketing medium allows Single Throw to noninvasively track the buyer’s Internet browsing habits after they leave your website and serve your display advertising to them on the websites they visit after they departed from yours. Single Throw’s team of retargeting experts makes us the ideal retargeting company for businesses that want to give qualified website visitors a second chance to complete the conversion process.

Non-intrusive Remarketing Services Designed to Create Sales

Too often retargeting companies overwhelm remarketing targets by invading their browsing habits with boisterous, omnipresent advertising. Other times, the retargeting intervals are perfect, but the ads fail to persuade, or the reengagement path is unconvincing. When these misses occur, retargeting companies fail because the return journey isn’t well-aligned, and the ads are both unpersuasive and too frequent. The retargeting experts at Single Throw understand that search engine marketing of any kind isn’t supposed to harass, swarm or pressure potential buyers. Retargeting actually creates loyal brand zealots when your retargeting strategy is equally sensitive to both the way your buyers want to experience your advertising, as well as the frequency with which your ads are served.

Single Throw is the retargeting company you can count on to deploy smart remarketing strategies and report on their ability to deliver what they are designed to deliver: qualified leads reengaging and completing the buying journey on your website.

Help your buyers find their way back to your brand with a smart, measurable retargeting company, with a proven record in remarketing engagement. Contact us today to discover how Single Throw's range of search engine marketing services.