Digital Marketing Agency Pedals 2930 Miles to Google Marketing Event


The Gathering of Marketers

Once a year, right before spring turns to summer, an invitation-only gathering of the world's leading digital marketers takes place in the bay area of sunny California.

Google Marketing Live is an annual event with a lofty goal, reshaping the future of the digital marketing industry.  

Marketers from around the world descend on the bay area for two full days of inspiration, insights, education, and unparalleled access to Google products and teams, keynotes from industry visionaries and networking with colleagues and peers.

Getting There is Half the Fun

Google Premier Partner and respected digital marketing agency Single Throw Marketing, has been invited by Google to every Google Marketing Live event since the very first one, and this year is no exception, except that this year’s event is unique.

Google Marketing Live 2019 is the very last Google Marketing Live event of the decade, and as such, the digital marketers at Single Throw decided they wanted to make this year's event extra special.

“Getting there is half the fun” is one of the most memorable travel idioms ever uttered. The iconic statement was part of a Cunard Cruises marketing campaign in the 1950s, and arguably, one of the best travel advertising slogans ever. It was just the inspiration the team at Single Throw needed to develop a fun, socially connected and memorable marketing campaign.

That’s How We Roll

Single Throw tries to promote a work-life balance and recently integrated special stationary bikes into a section of their 14,000 square foot office containing standing desks.

The upcoming Google Marketing Live event and the agencies brand-new calorie-burning workstations spurred an idea of how to create awareness for the agency, have a little fun and burn some calories at the same time.  

Google Marketing Live is being held at the Moscone West Convention Center in San Francisco California, exactly 2,930 miles from Single Throw’s corporate headquarters in Wall, NJ.  

Starting April 11, 23 business days prior to Google’s event, a group of Single Throw’s talented fitness forward marketers will be riding the stationary bikes the 2,930-mile equivalent distance from NJ to the Google event in the bay area. In biking this distance the marketers will burn an estimated 155,131 calories. To put that extreme caloric burn into perspective, we’ll use some of Google’s Android Operating System names as a comparison. 155,131 calories is the approximate equivalent of 1,842 Cupcakes, 808 Donuts, 2,096 Eclairs, 1,326 FroYos, 1326 Gingerbread men, 935 ice cream sandwiches, 38,783 Jelly Beans, 2,872 KitKats, 6,206 Lollipops, 6,745 Marshmallows, and 2,927 Oreo cookies.

Follow Us and Learn What We Learn

Each day Single Throw riders will pedal 127.39 miles and post pictures with their geographic location at the end of each day’s ride, as well as facts about the location on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter, using the hashtag, #rodetogooglelive.

Google Marketing Live opens its doors on May 13th and welcomes leading marketers from around the globe to the 2019 marketing event. On the morning of the 13th, the team of Single Throw Marketers will have completed their journey, riding-in-place the full equivalent distance of 2,930 miles, and be walking through the doors of the Moscone West Convention Center in San Francisco, proudly wearing their "rodetogooglelive” t-shirts, and although their journey is over, yours has just begun.

Single Throw Marketers attending Google Marketing Live will share daily marketing tips, insights and exciting new digital marketing programs (at least as much as Google will allow us to post - some things are very hush, hush) throughout the entire two-day marketing extravaganza using the hashtag #rodetogooglelive.

Follow Single Throw Marketers on this fun, exciting and informative journey to Google Marketing Live 2019:

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About This Leading and Innovative NJ Digital Marketing Agency

For nearly 20 years Single Throw has been a leading digital marketing agency helping global brands, mid-sized and enterprise companies develop and implement digital marketing strategies specifically designed to maximize the return of digital marketing budgets.

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