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The Principle of Buyer Assumption

Your digital presence exists to get you new clients - period. The principle of buyer assumption dictates that your buyer, long before ever encountering your online identity, has decided what their shopping and selection journey should comprise. When a buyer engages your website without being forced to slow their natural buying tempo, they don't acknowledge your website as much more than the sales tool it's meant to be. Because your website did what is exists to do, sell your offerings, your buyer ignored whatever you love most about it and proceeded to painlessly step inside the sales funnel.

Ironically, the smaller the space between the journey your buyers assume should be theirs and the one you supply them, the less attention they give to your website and the more attention they pledge to simply becoming buyers.

Join Scott Dailey as he helps business of all sizes and requirements harness the power in understanding their buyer's digital assumptions. Secure Scott for your next business seminar, lecture series or event and you'll be providing your attendees with extraordinarily practical and actionable information about how precisely to ensure your buyer's assumptions are being satisfied by the digital selling journey you have prepared for them.

"The distance between the assumptions I have and the experience you supply me, is the distance I have to bridge. Your website, and the way you're mentioned on the internet, must not assume anything but 'am I making it easy, am I making it efficient, am I making it quick?'" - Scott Dailey

A Little Information On Scott

Scott is a passionate customer relationship innovator, business speaker and digital marketing expert that, for nearly 20 years, has spearheaded successful digital campaigns for brands such as Bausch and Lomb, The Home Depot, Thomasville Furniture, Dow Jones and CPA2BIZ. Scott’s unique combination of experience in web development, internet technology, sales and marketing qualifies him to assume command over digital marketing strategies with a sophisticated mix of requirements and ambitions.

As a digital marketing speaker, Scott is well-known for his disruptive and spirited speaking style. Scott literally makes it a point to give away the expertise businesses of all sizes need if they want to be reliably considered an option to their online customers. Attending Scott's lectures assures that you will leave with actionable insights that you can immediately apply to improve your company's customer acquisition campaigns.


"Scott Dailey was a speaker for us at our 20th Annual Healthcare Internet Conference in November of 2016. The attendees found him to be knowledgeable, insightful and entertaining. We would certainly invite him back to speak at a future conference."

~ Kathy Divis, President, Greystone.Net and sponsor of the annual Healthcare Internet Conference www.hcic.net
"Scott is a fantastic speaker. He is energetic, passionate and breathes life into the topic he is speaking on. His audience is always engaged with what he has to say."

~ Christy Belden, Director of Digital Media - Norton Health Care, Louisville, Kentucky
"Scott Dailey presented in front many of our CFO clients and prospects and gave valuable insight to our audience in regards to spending marketing dollars that generates revenue. As Scott stated, you must be smart about how you spend your marketing dollars and make sure that your results justify the cost. You must keep focus on creating revenue to feed the families of everyone in the organization. Thank you Scott for an outstanding presentation!"

~ Kathleen Alexander, CPA, MST, CFE - Partner, SaxBST LLP
"I was pleasantly surprised when I heard Scott speak at one of Single Throw’s events. I expected to hear some of the same old B2B litany, but instead received fresh information presented in a way that kept me tuned in. His passion for his work and deep knowledge of the B2B mind, combined with his energy made for a truly engaging experience. Not only did I learn something new, I also did not have to fight any yawns."

~ Juergen Wenzel - Marketing Communications Manager, Rotor Clip Co., Inc.
"Scott Dailey of SINGLETHROW Internet Marketing is an enthusiastic and compelling speaker who is an authority in his field. His presentations provide fundamental as well as indispensable information to the audience with action items that can be implemented immediately to improve digital marketing results."

~ Catherine E. Williams Senior Vice President - MDAdvantage Insurance Company

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