SEO Content Marketing Isn't Done Simply Because You Create Content

Single Throw CEO, Larry Bailin is fond of saying, “The Internet doesn’t need your content.” More than a snarky quip, Larry’s making a powerful observation and a call to action meant to remind marketers that content, because it exists, doesn’t mean content marketing is being done. Like the SEO services and content marketing services available to you through any SEO company, it can be done poorly. And among the most common reasons content marketing fails is because having content doesn’t mean it was designed with a surgical customer acquisition plan in mind.

But that’s only half the problem with today’s content marketing thinking.

If you have great branded content that is designed to target specific buyers that are revealing their intent to buy, you have the makings of a content marketing strategy to go get them. But when you don’t have an SEO company with over 15 years of experience analyzing and interpreting the buying behavior of these targets, your content gets dispersed along the wrong channels, at the wrong times, in the wrong ways. When this happens, content marketing fails to generate leads, and revenue remains inert.

Content Marketing Services with an SEO Kicker

Perhaps you are visiting Single Throw today because you have plenty of content, but your content marketing, for reasons you are unsure of, isn’t achieving anything. Or maybe you are here because you lack content, but know it’s essential to achieve local and organic SEO success. In either case, Single Throw sees content underleveraged all the time.

As an award-winning SEO company, Single Throw offers a sophisticated content marketing companion to our SEO services that reliably elevates your SEO and content marketing successes to new heights. Stop creating content that sputters out of the gate and doesn’t produce new qualified leads.

Make your content marketing create what it is supposed to create: customers. Contact us today at 888-959-1066.