Social Media Services with a Sales Kicker

What’s in a like? How many “likes” does it take to succeed? How about “followers,” what’s the optimal number? Where’s the sweet spot when it comes to “posts” per day? The truth is, no one knows what those numbers are—at least what they are for you.

Social Media Marketing success is not predetermined by agnostic formulas and quirky algorithms. Social Media Marketing is, well, social! We triumph by finding the right people and preceding to engage in the right conversations when they are the most opportune. An effective and well thought out social media marketing strategy creates data points. These data points infer direction to success. Based on why, when and how your social followers engage with your strategy will determine the ultimate formula for social media marketing success, a formula custom mixed specifically for you and only you.

No one is going to argue that Social media is a powerful, must-have marketing tool that can elevate a brand’s marketing efforts. One might argue that social media marketing has become the price of admission in the business world. What this digital marketing company will argue, is that doing a thing that can potentially connect so many to the heart of your brand – must be done right and not just done.

A Social Media Services Company that Moves The Needle

When it comes to social media marketing, you may be one of the many that believes people share your brand because they like your brand – they don’t. People share your brand, not because they like your brand, but because they like their friends.

How does this change your thinking? How does this inform your social media marketing strategies?As possibly your next social media marketing company, for us, it changes everything. It changes how we think, what we do, who we target, when, why and how we connect.

Our Social Media Marketing strategies are entirely fueled by the concept of delivering the influence of a brand, to only those we should be influencing.

Unlike other social media marketing companies, Single Throw Digital Marketing knows social media is a core component in moving the revenue needle. Social connectivity to the masses gives a brand a disruptive platform, in a noisy landscape.

As a true digital marketing company with extensive digital marketing expertise, we know how, when and why to integrate social media flawlessly into a diverse and effective digital marketing strategy.

Let’s share some social insight together. Connect with us and let’s discuss our social media services today. Click here or call 888-959-1066