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Impact+™ Organic Search Engine Optimization 

When it comes to SEO services, lots of Internet marketing companies profess to have the skills to get you to show up at the top of the organic search engine results—some even guarantee placement. What you need to be aware of is that placement without persuasion will never result in revenue.

Placement is not the first step in successful organic search engine optimization because it's not hard to show up where no one is looking.

Showing Up in Search is One Thing, Getting Customers is Quite Another

The first step of our world-class organic search engine optimization services begins with a deep understanding of your goals and the needs of your customers. We start by creating an organic search engine optimization plan, a foundation in which to build on… a solid Internet marketing strategy.

We conduct extensive research into your customers’ needs, your services, and offerings, and we can tell you where the two need to meet—and where they are currently missing the mark.

Once we identify what your potential customer is searching for, we identify which "high-value" phrases to target. We define "high value" as targets that have the highest potential of attracting the right customer at their exact time of need. Our organic search engine optimization plan consists of industry research, competitive intelligence, customer need identification, investigation into other Internet marketing services you are using or should be leveraging and goal setting.

Flawless Execution is Critical to the Success of an Organic Search Engine Optimization Service

We assign a single organic search engine optimization specialist to handle your account. This specialist is the only one that is allowed to touch and maintain your organic search engine optimization program. As a result, they develop an intimate knowledge of your program, your website, your customers, and your goals.

Your organic search engine optimization specialist oversees and handles the following organic search engine optimization tasks just to name a few:

  • Existing content optimization as well as the optimization of new content created as part of your program.
  • Site optimization including creation of custom meta data, page titles and other critical organic search engine optimization elements.
  • Targeted and relevant inbound, outbound and reciprocal link-building.
  • Local optimization and setup of required high value local search profiles.
  • Ongoing monthly organic search engine optimization maintenance and enhancements.

There are far too many tasks and strategies associated with our organic search engine optimization services to list here.

Give us a call at 866-233-4810 or contact us so one of our Internet marketing consultants can help you determine if our organic search engine optimization service is the right fit for you.