B2B Marketing Services

Let Me Put On My B2B Marketing Cap

What makes B2B marketing different than its B2C counterpart? Very little. In fact, many B2B companies are leveraging B2C marketing processes in order to enhance marketing connections and awareness of offerings.

People are people and buyers are buyers. Those that seek B2B services, don’t classify themselves as B2B buyers prior to searching for services. It’s exhilarating to imagine your buyer grabbing the brim of their cap and swiftly shifting it 180 degrees to the back, interlocking their fingers while outstretching their arms in front of them resulting in a hearty knuckle-crack, indicating they have now entered B2B buying mode. It’s a fun picture to paint, but buyers don’t flip a switch that shifts their behavior. They search, they find, and they select a provider in much the same way they would if they were buying an automobile.

Behaviors of buyers, the means they use to connect with potential providers, and the elements that persuade them, are constants, not variables.

Single Throw understands how to help B2B companies target, find and persuade the right customers at the right time. Our B2B marketing services are specifically designed around your services, your client requirements and revenue goals. For nearly 20 years, Single Throw has been a mainstay in the B2B marketing space, working across various industries from financial services to manufacturing, from commercial vehicle sales to distribution services. When your business requires B2B marketing services aligned to your specific goals and designed to win, that’s Single Throw Marketing.

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