Video Marketing Services

Possible like never before – Video Marketing can now connect the viewer to the view.

There has never been a more opportune time to incorporate video marketing into your company’s overall digital marketing strategy.

We all know that online videos are being consumed in unprecedented amounts, but in case you were unaware (or living under a rock), here’s a refresher. Nearly 2 BILLION users are logged in and coming to YouTube every month. During prime time hours, more 18-49-year-olds visit YouTube than any TV network. YouTube pre-roll videos have a 95% viewability.

Video Marketing Is Arguably The Hottest Thing In Digital Marketing Today, And Here's Why

Video marketing has undergone an overhaul. Marketers can now target and retarget users based on numerous intent factors including search and other digital behaviors. You no longer have to align your content to video topics – your video marketing aligns with your customers’ intent, no matter what videos they decide to watch or where they decide to watch them.

In short, video marketing has become far more targeted and no longer needs to rely on old vanity metrics such as impressions. Modern video marketing incorporates the same click and conversion metrics as pay-per-click marketing or even organic search engine optimization. By only putting your video messages in front of those that have shown interest in your services, true ROI measurement is achievable – No other video technology can do that, not television, not cable.

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Utilize video to increase engagement and attract customers.