Google’s Algorithm Update Dramatically Drops Websites In Ranking

April 21st – the day Google warned you about. Well, that day came and went and now non-mobile-friendly websites are suffering a dramatic fall in search ranking. 

The bar graph above is color coded and dependent on the color represents the degree to which your websites ranking has dropped. It’s plain to see that your website’s visibility decreases when it drops in ranking. As your website drops in search results, you become less visible to those searching for you: your customers.

The impact of this latest Google algorithm update has been immediately detrimental to businesses’ websites that formerly enjoyed good search equity. As a matter of fact, on an average day, about 20% of the websites being tracked are moved up and down in Google search results. But within the last 6 days, that number has doubled to 40%.

Websites that are not mobile-friendly are currently being replaced with those that are. The only way to regain the ranking position you once garnered is to make your website mobile-friendly.

Take the necessary steps to easily convert your website to one in keeping with Google’s strict mobile standards.