How to Get Google Searchers to Consider Your Business 60% More Often

Just below Google’s Pay Per Click ads are local business listings. Because searchers are increasingly interested in finding local options when they search, Google has decided to place local business listings as close to the top of Google as possible.

While this is old news, what you may not know is that Search Engine Land reported as much as 60% of consumers are more likely to consider or contact a business with images in local search results.

Assuming that your business is already showing up in local results, here’s two ways to get Google searchers to consider you 60% more often.

1. Google Business Photos

To the right of your local business listing, you are able to display more than just your business’s Google Maps location. Using your Google My Business profile, your business is able to add still frame photos to its information. If you have a beautiful location or if your office is part of your company’s unique selling proposition, why not show it to the searchers who have already expressed an interest in you? After all, if adding interior photos to your local listing narrows the geography between you and your buyer, why wouldn’t you do it?

2. Google Business View

In the same location a searcher could find your business’s photos, searchers could also be able to see inside your location. Similar to the technology used in Google Maps’ Street View, Business View gives your buyer a 360° tour of the interior of your business, allowing the buyer to virtually walk through your location without having to leave their computer, cell phone or tablet. This means the investment you put towards your office’s appearance is no longer enjoyed only by customers who have already visited your location. With a 360° tour, your buyers can make a more informed buying decision to choose you, over any of your competitors listed in Google’s local business search results.

Because 4 out of 5 searchers are using Google to find local business results (Search Engine Land), being an option in local listings is essential to your business’s success. But, when having your local information optimized properly isn’t quite enough to set you apart, incorporating images into your local listing may just tip the scales in your favor. When a consumer is looking for a business like yours, make their decision easier by using images.

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