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Digital Marketing in Healthcare, done right, takes years of education and experience.

You put hard earned expertise into your healthcare business, and you know the results your work deserves. Are you getting them?

While you take care of patient accounts, managing staff, regulatory compliance, and of course, delivering high quality healthcare, we’ll make sure that one part of your business—driving new leads—can take care of itself (and pay for itself).

Born digital, Single Throw has been getting Healthcare Marketing right for the past two decades—with a clientele including hospital networks, urgent care facilities, surgery groups, healthcare manufacturing & technology, senior care centers, physical therapy practices, rehabilitation, fertility, home health, and wellness.

You’ve had a long year, facing unprecedented challenges with limited resources. Now more than ever, you need someone who will lift your healthcare business up and help move it forward.

We’ll drive new leads, so you can focus on delivering your best care.

But don’t just take our word for it. See what Single Throw has already accomplished for its healthcare clients.

“More than 30% of my patient appointments come from our digital marketing efforts”

—Dr. Adam Lipson, IGEA

IGEA Brain, Spine, & Orthopedic

After 6 months with Single Throw, IGEA had greatly increased metrics for web traffic, conversion, and revenue. We worked directly with Google on local, organic, and paid search, as well as social media and display advertising. We created print media to increase brand visibility. Looking at data across these efforts, we enhanced their effectiveness and maximized budget efficiency.

The Results—

    • New Patients from Marketing: ↑ 350%
    • Website Click Through Rate: 4% over industry avg.
    • Qualified Organic Search Traffic: ↑ 500% YOY
    • Google Page 1 Positions, displacing leaders like WebMD & Mayo Clinic.

Spring Hills Senior Communities

In a saturated market, Spring Hills Senior Communities needed to go beyond “industry average”. Single Throw analyzed real-time data, aligned strategies to desired outcomes, and utilized paid media, social media, SEO, and video advertising. In doing so, we put them ahead of competitors and in front of those who needed them most.

The Results—

    • In 12 months, Record Breaking Leads: ↑ 61%
    • Record Breaking Move-In Volume: ↑ 54%
    • Cost to Acquire a Move-In: ↓ 24%
    • Leads from Digital Marketing had a closing rate 10% above all other leads.

“Compared to all other lead sources, digital had more move-ins . . . and a higher closing ratio. Great Job!”

—Christina O’Leary, Dir. Marketing, Spring Hills

This is just a sample of the wins we’ve had for healthcare clients over the years.

Would you like similar results for your business?

Our comprehensive digital-first approach is to optimize your website for page 1 search results, target the best prospects through digital advertising, and build powerful conversion tools that turn prospects into patients and customers.

Single Throw’s Digital and Traditional Healthcare Marketing Services Include:

| Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
| Paid Search (SEM)
| Display Media
| Social Media Advertising
| Web Development & Support

| Brand Enhancement
| Concept Creation & Ideation
| Print, Video & Audio Advertising
| Marketing Data Analysis
| Healthcare Marketing Consulting

Truth be told, we say “digital” and “traditional” . . . but it’s all Marketing. Digital is the world we live in. Digital is the world we live in. Even offline efforts can be integrated and tracked online. All touchpoints form an ecosystem of quality leads for your healthcare business.

Here’s our promise. If you look hard, you may be able to find someone who’s as good as us. But you won’t find anyone who’s better than us.

It’s time to leverage a Healthcare Marketing team that cares about your success as much as you care about the health and wellbeing of your patrons.

It takes a quick conversation to see how your organization can benefit from the proven success strategies of Single Throw’s Healthcare Marketing services.

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