Pre-Roll Video Marketing Services

According to Google, nearly 80% of all internet traffic is video related and this figure is growing rapidly.

In 2006 Google purchased YouTube and online video adoption has been on the rise ever since.

Video marketing is persuasion on steroids, offering all of the targeting and measurement of other digital marketing services, with the unique ability to engage and connect in a way other digital marketing cannot. Video has the power to evoke emotion, to gain a chuckle or a tear, to make the corners of the mouth turn up or down – video marketing is the next wave of digital persuasion.

Single Throw is a digital marketing agency that is uniquely positioned to help companies leverage the power, reach and pinpoint targeting of video marketing. Video marketing has gone beyond the produce and hope strategies of yesterday. Advanced intent-based targeting allows for an effective, efficient and goal aligned outcomes to be achieved.

Let the digital marketing consultants at Single Throw show you exactly how you can achieve more with a targeted video marketing strategy. Our team of digital marketing strategists can help from concept to conversion.

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Learn how incorporating video into your strategy can increase results and engagement from customers.