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Just because an email was opened doesn’t mean you’ll close a deal.

Email marketing. You sign up for a service, upload your email list, and fire away, right? If only it were that simple. 

The problem with email marketing is that most email marketing efforts are considered successful based on open rates. Experience has shown this digital agency that open rates derived from email marketing programs are worthless.

Email programs such as Outlook and Gmail send open signals to email marketing software when an email is previewed, not read. Emails are opened and instantly deleted, not read. So many things can cause an open signal to be fired, leading to a false positive, because the email never gets read.

Email is the number 1 activity in the digital space. We consume and are bombarded with more emails than any other type of digital interaction. 2.4 million emails are sent per second totaling a whopping 70 trillion+ emails annually. To say the least, it’s a noisy medium.

The chances of your email cutting through all the noise, not to mention automatic spam filters, unsubscribes, and plain old deletes, is incredibly low – enter Single Throw.

Aligning your value to your customer’s needs, pouring through data and developing the right mix of list management, frequency and persuasive messaging, allows our email marketing specialists to cut through the clutter, allowing your email to be perceived as relevant and valuable and not just something that is opened and deleted.

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