Pay Per Click Services

Pay-per-click advertising strategies are only as successful as the thinking that surrounds them. As a matter of fact, merely having a digital marketing company provide PPC marketing services doesn’t suggest that your digital marketing goals are being achieved at all.

As a digital agency that offers search engine marketing services proven to create sales, Single Throw often reviews PPC performance metrics provided by other vendors. What’s striking is how often PPC services can report inaccurately on success.

PPC services, like all search engine marketing services, should report on the success of the overarching PPC strategy. So if the report is comprised of vague metrics that never truly explain whether or not qualified leads are being created, are we truly reporting on success? Your PPC strategy is supposed to uncovertarget, and persuade your ideal buyers, and the reporting metrics you receive are supposed to explain how well your digital marketing company is performing that very function.

Single Throw Marketing is a trusted Google Premier Partner and is held to a higher standard. Positive outcomes are not optional. Single Throw’s team of search engine marketing strategists are experts at providing results that matter – not fluff, no vanity metrics, just pay-per-click marketing outcome that results in real needle-moving revenue.

Pay-Per-Click Services That Target Intent and Buying Behavior

Build too broad a fence, and your PPC services cost you precious search engine marketing budget; too narrow a field, and your search engine marketing services are just as much a wasted endeavor. For nearly 20 years, Single Throw has been a digital marketing agency that develops sophisticated methods of targeting your buyers’ intentions and behaviors and serves pay-per-click advertising that maximizes every dollar spent on marketing, while solidifying ad position. Our unique focus on the quality and relevance of your PPC ads is what ensures our PPC services elevate ad position and quality score to optimal levels.

Start getting to the right buyer and stop throwing away your PPC budget on underwhelming outcomes. Launch a sales-focused PPC campaign, perfectly suited to your marketing goals. To contact us, click here or call 888-920-9778.

Work with an agency that knows how to spend your money and make more money with it.