Search Engine Marketing Services

When you engage a digital marketing company, you expect the strategies they develop to target your customers and grow your sales, right? That’s why you hired a digital agency after all. So when you secure your agency’s search engine marketing services, the same rule applies:

Show me a custom-made plan that is proven to create sales using a thoughtful mix of pay-per-click, remarketing, or display advertising campaigns.

You could toss a rock over your shoulder and hit a dozen digital marketing companies, or even traditional marketing agencies that will try to sell you search engine marketing services. The fact is that we can all pay a digital marketing company to place us among an ocean of noisy competitors, all jockeying for a sliver of consumer attention. There is no shortage of digital agencies that are playing this game.

But activating search engine marketing services isn’t playtime. It’s not a game at all.

When the goals aren’t focused on your revenue growth and the strategy doesn’t target your sales ambitions, your digital marketing company is a cost, not an investment.

We see it all the time. Media buying and the sale of search engine marketing services has become an exercise in checking digital formalities off a list and all the while, the goal of growing digital market share continues to be your company’s white whale.

In that way, Single Throw likes to say, that there are agencies that will market digitally, and those, like Single Throw, that are digital marketers.

We’re not messing around when it comes to search engine marketing services.

Winning consumer attention in a noisy world is serious business. You have no time to mess around with digital rookies. In the time it takes you to fail, competitors that chose their digital agency wisely are winning the favor of customers that should be yours.

Single Throw is a trusted Google Premier Partner and all our on-site, full-time digital media experts are Google trained and certified. As a certified and trusted Google Premier Partner, this digital agency answers to a higher power – Google. We must maintain certain success rates for our customers, provide certified services and be 100% up-to-date on all current and future Google offerings.

Single Throw’s search engine marketing services are composed of customized strategies designed to identify your buyers, target what persuades them, eliminate the competition, and grow your sales. That’s what your digital marketing company is supposed to do for you. That’s the way Single Throw delivers search engine marketing services. See? We don’t mess around.

Search Engine Marketing Services Should Reveal a Winner

When too many dollars have been wasted, and you’re tired of asking if your search engine marketing is working or not – it’s time to call this digital agency up to the plate.

Explore Our Search Engine Marketing Services and Start Winning Now

  • Pay-Per-Click: Clicks are a cost. Let’s start investing in those that actually are highly likely to become customers. Learn more…
  • Remarketing: Your buyers chose you. Now let’s re-target them with a proven, scientific approach to persuading them to resume the buying process. Learn more…
  • Display Advertising: Target the moments that encircle your buyers’ daily experiences. We serve ads that intersect with your buyers’ lifestyles. Learn more…
  • Video Pre-Roll: Enhanced targeting at the time when attention is the highest. Target those that raise their hands with interest using the second largest search engine in the world – YouTube. You’ll be amazed to see what we can do in the exciting world of video pre-roll marketing. Learn more…

If you’re ready to win and rise atop the digital totem, then you’re ready for Single Throw’s brand of digital marketing success. Learn more about Single Throw’s search engine marketing services and contact us today at 888-920-9778.

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