Direct Digital Recruitment Services

In so many industries, so many companies find that traditional recruitment isn’t working. It’s too competitive, the marketplace for job seekers is too noisy, and recruiters send everyone in the same sector the same pool of potential candidates while charging high fees. The goal should be to find new employees who are great fits for the roles you have in mind and create value for the organization, not to maintain a money and time sink.

Single Throw has heard our clients express these problems many times, so we do what we are best at: We came up with a solution. In truth, skilled digital marketers are the best recruiters you could ask for. We intimately understand the audiences of each of our clients, and our number-one priority is to persuade people to take the right action. Potential recruits for specific, needed job positions are audiences all their own. And Single Throw has the tools to persuade the most qualified people to apply for the right jobs at the right time.

We wield data-based targeting to put effective recruitment messaging in front of people in two major segments – active job seekers with the correct qualifications, and people not currently in the job market but who have the desired skills. The former simply need to be convinced to apply – the latter can be swayed to potentially switch jobs. Throughout all of this, we carefully exclude unqualified audiences, to the effect that some of our clients using direct digital recruitment have seen qualified conversion rates of up to 80%.

Single Throw also pays close attention to the application process – how candidates can fill out an application, what they put on their resumes, how long it takes to apply, and much more – as part of our overall digital recruitment persuasion architecture. Our findings are used to optimize ads, landing pages, and other materials offering a meaningful message that truly connects with potential candidates. Everything we create for our direct digital recruitment services serves the same goal: Finding our clients new employees who excel and are retained.

Our digital-first marketing isn’t just good for attracting customers and growing revenue. We’re also ready to help you improve your operations and fill job vacancies fast and efficiently with direct digital recruitment. Contact us online today or call us at 877-503-0694 to learn more about how we can deliver the candidates who will succeed in your company’s open positions.