Larry Bailin

Single Throw Founder and CEO, Best-Selling Marketing Author and Acclaimed Professional Keynote Speaker. To label Larry an authority would be an understatement. If we called him an expert, guru, or Sherpa we’d also be missing the mark. Call Larry anything but a marketer and he’ll object.

“The ego associated with labels keeps an authority out of the trenches. I like to get my hands dirty, roll up my sleeves and make something happen.” – Larry Bailin

Larry is a world-class motivational business speaker and has been hired to keynote events for organizations such as UPS, GE, NAMM, Microsoft, Carrier, and many others.

Larry doesn’t just speak on the topic of digital marketing—he speaks around the topic, speaking to the outcome, the benefits and goals of marketing. That’s why conferences and venues across the world turn to our CEO when they want a keynote address that brings digital marketing down to earth and then knocks it clear out of the park.

Larry delights audiences when he speaks about all things sales and marketing. Using real-world experiences as well as his pioneering authoritative journey, your audience will be informed and entertained the second that he steps to the stage.

Visit Larry’s website, or contact us at 888-920-9778 to book Larry.