Natural Language Search Engine Optimization

We must be the answers to our customers’ questions, no matter where or how they are being asked.

We don’t go online anymore, we live online. So many aspects of our customers’ lives are driven through digital connections, and these digital connections are increasing. Whether you see this as a good or bad thing, does not change the fact that it’s a thing, and it’s a thing that needs to be a large part of your digital marketing strategy.

Digital personal assistants are becoming commonplace. Google, Apple, and Amazon’s Alexa devices are growing in popularity and becoming mainstream. Over 25% of all Google Searches are question-based and the amount of voice searches is seeing hockey stick growth.

Do You Know What It Takes To Be The Answer To Your Customers' Questions? We Do.

As a leading digital agency, it’s no surprise that Single Throw has been doing pioneering work in the natural language optimization space. We see natural language or voice-assisted search as an evolution of search engine optimization. Marketers must now be found in search engines, even in the visual absence of a search engine.

One out of ten on page one is no longer good enough. When it comes to being the answer to a customer’s question, much like the Highlander (80’s movie reference, look it up) there can only be one. Natural Language Optimization requires a highly strategic balance of SEO, conversion rate optimization, and content marketing. Single Throw has developed exclusive processes and strategies that help our clients be the answer to only the right questions.

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