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Consumers Are Fickle Folk - You Have To Market To The Moments

The B2C space is loud and getting louder. Consumers touch their mobile phones over 150 times per day and oddly, only a small percentage of those touches are to make a call.

Your customers have access to unlimited choices, and as such, brand loyalty is waning. You have to be as ferocious in your attempts to win repeat business as you are to win the new.

B2C marketing requires a constant focus on tomorrow’s customer as much as today’s and yesterday’s.

Winning in today’s connected marketing environment requires buyer understanding – knowing who your buyers really are, what they truly want and, most importantly, what caused them to need your product in the first place. Does any of this sound familiar? It should; it’s sales behavior.

Single Throw is highly skilled and well suited to provide marketing services to businesses in the fast-paced B2C ecosystem. We are a team of professional persuaders that looks at the marketing world through a sales lens. We understand buyer behavior – why they buy, what influences, what persuades. We develop the formula, the mathematics that equal the perfect customer. We uncover need and align it to value to ensure that your marketing dollars are spent connecting to the right customer at the right time in their journey.

Single Throw has developed successful digital marketing services for online B2C retailers to B2C service providers, Shark Tank entrepreneurs to businesses that have a national presence but require a local footprint, and even B2B companies that are entering the B2C market for the first time.

Our marketing services are focused on revenue generation, not just awareness. While we recognize that awareness may be a critical element to brand connection, we do not believe it should tacitly compete with winning new business.

If you’re looking to connect with buyers, connect with us first and let’s discuss your revenue goals and align them to B2C marketing services designed to win. Click here or call 888-920-9778.