Podcast Marketing Services

Podcasts have entered a new golden age, with over 55% of Americans ages 12+ now listening.

But we don’t want you to have a podcast just because it’s all the rage. We want you to have a podcast because it makes you money.

The days when the masses “tuned in” are fading away. Today we stream. And streamers consume content geared toward specific interests.

This means your podcast listeners are the same as your business’ target audience (a.k.a. your prospects).

When you do podcasting with Single Throw, your show provides value to every listener, creates authority in your field, and becomes a powerful lead driver.

Just talk to your podcast audience about what you know best. With the right promotion, you will gain a following. Then, you can integrate your audience into holistic marketing efforts to cross-promote your podcast, website, email, social media, and of course, your products and services.

And it works — 61% of listeners have reported buying something they heard promoted on a podcast.

Hey, you wanna be a guest on my podcast?

In this question lies a less-discussed benefit of podcasting: Networking. In running a business, you know that the surest way to generate new sales is through personal connections.

Your podcast provides mutually-beneficial publicity to you and your guests, who will be inclined to reciprocate with referrals, other business opportunities, and possibly by becoming your client or customer. We consistently see this working for our podcasting clients.

Podcasting with Single Throw

At Single Throw Marketing, we’ve had a podcast studio in-house since 2006, back when people were still listening on MP3 players (remember those?). With the rise of smartphones and streaming, podcasts have exploded, and we’ve been right there to catch the wave for our clients.

Our team of digital marketing experts never stops expanding opportunities for you to grow your podcast and create wins for your business.

Our podcasting services include:

  • Show development and branding
  • Recording equipment selection
  • Intro and outro creation, including music selection and voice overs
  • Development of copywriting and creative
  • Episode editing and optimization
  • Automated distribution via your website, Apple Podcasts, Spotify, and over a dozen other platforms
  • Podcast promotion via social media, email, and other channels
  • Ongoing reporting and campaign course correction, based on success metrics

We build podcasts that strengthen your brand, grow your following, and convert listeners into customers and clients. We might even have fun along the way.

Let’s talk about how podcasting can begin the next chapter of growth in your business. Contact us here, or call 888-920-9778.

Ready to learn how to stream your way to podcast success?