All Jersey Sysytems Grows Revenue Via Accountable Digital Lead Generation

Thursday, Feb 25, 2016
All Jersey digital marketing solutions case study


For over two decades, All Jersey Systems has been a pioneering presence in the commercial construction and contracting space, providing world-class electrical, carpentry and HVAC services throughout the East Coast.

Historically, All Jersey, like most contracting companies, had always leaned on word-of-mouth, bids and referral-based opportunities to secure new business. But in an industry notoriously slow to adopt technology as a means to advertise its offerings, All Jersey’s President, George Pavlonnis was different.

In 2008, as the biggest economic crisis on record decimated business around the world, George broadened his services to include residential prospects. In so doing, he uncovered revenue opportunities less nimble businesses ignored. And not long after these uncertain times, George also leveraged the power of the internet to expand his brand’s reach as well.

But despite a revolutionary spirit, the deployment of multiple strategies or the large investments made year after year, digital marketing did not generate new customers reliably for All Jersey.


For All Jersey, their digital marketing had historically failed to both create new revenue, and report on why it hadn’t. Vague, ambiguous metrics, such as traffic and impressions, did little to inform next steps. Yet, actionable data, like bounce rates and click-to-calls were entirely absent, and thus, strategies never became investments in customer acquisition.

While All Jersey understood that ideal buyers were, in increasing numbers, researching brands digitally, the company was unable to secure the services of a digital marketing partner that could prove digital marketing does, in fact, actually produce new customers.

For All Jersey, digital marketing therefore needed to solve two problems it had yet to:

  1. Craft digital communications, messaging and user experience strategies that intersect with ideal targets at the precise moment(s) they expressed a need for an All Jersey-like service provider.
  2. Ensure such strategies possess accountable means through which campaign performance is captured and production graded

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