As a B2B marketing company, Single Throw follows industry trends to determine how to assist the organizations we serve (and have yet to serve) to align with the current and future direction of B2B consumers. Through the use of advanced AI, machine learning, proven marketing strategies, and proprietary market-share data, we’re able to help our clients tackle some of the most complex marketing and business development issues facing their industries and organizations.

Be Nimble – Marketing and Operations

Since the pandemic, manufacturers are finding that they need to move fast, be nimble, and make changes quickly. Consumer demand shifts rapidly, and trends change at breakneck speeds in a post-pandemic world. 

Both operationally and from a business development perspective, B2B companies are finding ways to create processes and strategies with more accountability that have thoughtful, data-based outcomes. Eliminating waste across the board and thinning processes entails keeping a pulse on customer needs and consumer trends, allowing an organization to shift in a volatile economic market quickly. 

Attracting Talent – Relentless Conquest of Talent

Attracting and retaining talent is by far one of the biggest issues facing B2B and manufacturing organizations. Simply using recruitment channels and services is no longer enough. Better understanding the needs and desires of the future workforce is critical to creating persuasive messaging as well as cultural connections.

Another issue is the need not just to attract those looking for employment or to make a job switch. The market now requires conquest marketing to attract those who are not currently looking but match the skillset and qualifications needed in the roles.

Manufacturers and B2B businesses have taken to targeting competitors and even educational institutions through direct digital marketing means, which allows an organization to entice a candidate to have a conversation without having to enter the fray of competitive and expensive recruitment processes.

Understanding the Modern Consumer – Sales and Marketing Data

B2B businesses using data-driven strategies drive 5 to 8 times better ROI than those who don’t. This is why 40% of businesses plan to invest more of their budget in data-driven marketing. 

Digital transformation happens inside and outside the business. All consumers are digital and not only have access to more information, but are influenced by the rapid changes in trends and flows of data from many sources at once. 

“Data is one of the most underutilized assets, as per 87% of marketers.” 

Modern consumers have choices and use digital means to get answers to in-the-moment questions and needs. Google reports that 40 percent-plus of all searches are question-based, and with the rise of digital assistive technology and AI, this number will increase rapidly. 

B2B companies need to stay on top of these trends, be the answer to the questions when and where they are being asked, and embrace new and advanced marketing strategies that engage both existing and potential customers at the exact time of need. Most manufacturers and B2B companies are not properly positioned to take advantage of natural language search opportunities and will need to rapidly adapt to this growing trend.

Advanced strategies incorporating near real-time trends data allow AI tools to create pathways to better and more meaningful connections that may start with marketing, business development, and lead generation, but also provide ancillary value that can permeate through varied aspects of a modern B2B business. 

Other Trends in the B2B Marketing Sector

  • 40% of industrial buyers make decisions based on the quality of your website.
  • A survey reveals a steady increase in marketing budget for manufacturing
    businesses, from 6% in 2021 to 9.2% in 2023. A year-over-year average increase of 1.6% means that in 2024, this number will have risen to 10.8% if the trend continues.
  • 66% of manufacturer marketers have implemented a content strategy to generate more leads and build credibility and trust.  

Where Do You Go From Here?

Single Throw Marketing is an advanced digital marketing company providing manufacturers and B2B companies with digital marketing services aligned to existing and emerging trends in the market for over two decades. 

  • Data, insight, and trend management, including data dashboarding and closed-loop sales analytics for near real-time decision-making and analysis.
  • Direct digital recruitment (DDR) services that use advanced digital marketing processes and persuasion architecture to target, attract and convert talent across various job functions. An alternative to traditional recruitment that eliminates the extreme cost and bypasses the need to compete with direct competitors for specific talent, direct digital recruitment services can provide B2B companies with a much-needed flow of in-market and out-of-market talent.
  • Natural language search is an advanced offshoot of traditional search engine optimization and aligns specific QA-based comment structures to Google authoritative positions called Rich Snippets. 

This is a specialty service, and as one of the originators of natural language search as a service, Single Throw has helped businesses gain thousands of these sought-after authoritative positions within Google.

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