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Dealership Websites – Why are some of the top auto groups in the country choosing Single Throw?

Dealership websites must evolve in order to succeed in this ever changing, ultra-competitive Internet marketing space. The automotive industry is one of the last to adapt to a new online selling model. Car dealership websites created by industry agencies have become ineffectual and are leaving many car dealers woefully behind the growing Internet trends car buyers are embracing and connecting with.

Why wouldn’t you choose an Internet marketing company founded by a best-selling Internet marketing author? Larry Bailin was called; “One of the top minds in the business” by Yahoo’s marketing team, and that’s not just the automotive industry, that's every industry.

Single Throw is one of the top Internet marketing companies in the nation, and car dealersDealership websites from internet marketing experts Single Throw Internet marketing are flocking to us for a reason—We do things differently and we get results. We don't treat you like evey other car dealership. Other Car dealership website companies treat you like ACME MOTORS, not us, we realize you are different than your competition and we help you prove it and sell more cars in the process.

Single Throw does not only serve the auto industry. Some of the top companies in the world, global brands such as, Endust, Sara Lee, Laughing Cow, Harley-Davidson, Scholastic, Purolator, Kozy Shack, Acer Computers, GE, and many others choose Single Throw for their Internet
marketing needs.

Leading dealerships are contacting Single Throw for Internet marketing services such as, car dealership websites, search engine optimization (SEO), pay-per-click services, banner advertising, social media management (Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Google+), and more. Leading dealerships and auto groups such as Ray Catena, DCH Auto Group, Brad Benson Hyundai, Atlantic Auto Group, Holman Auto, Herson’s Auto Group, Patrick Dealer Group, and more also rely on Single Throw for not only dealership websites but an entire host of best-of-breed car dealer Internet marketing services.

So why are so many car dealers seeking out an Industry outsider for their dealership websites and Internet marketing? Simple—modern car dealerships want to align themselves with a company that understands and focuses on the consumer over the industry.

A fresh set of eyes; a new way of looking at things gives Single Throw’s car dealer clients a competitive edge. We develop custom strategies, not templates.

What are the benefits of working with Single Throw for your dealership Internet marketing needs?

  • We will never treat you like ACME MOTORS. We realize you are different than your competitors and we will help you prove it to your customers.
  • No templates. All Single Throw dealership websites are custom developed and designed specifically to fit your brand and your customers' needs. Why would you want the same website as your competition? Isn’t the idea of marketing to stand out ahead of the pack, not blend in?
  • The power of many. Do you have multiple rooftops? We create custom strategies that allow you to leverage the search engine optimization and customer conversion power of the group. No other company is doing that. We leverage the power of the group while others treat each dealership as an individual entity, essentially marketing in a silo.
  • Best-of-breed Internet marketing services. With over 17 years of Internet marketing experience, Single Throw has helped to create the best practices used throughout the world. Single Throw has more experience in the Internet marketing space than any other marketing company in the automotive industry.
  • You own everything. Whatever we develop for you, you own. Design, content, imagery, everything. Why would you want someone else to hold your intellectual marketing property hostage?
  • No contracts. Single Throw does not tie any customer into a contract. We do not want you to stay because you have to; we want you to stay because we’ve earned the right to have you as a customer.
  • Exclusivity. We will not work with your competitors. That’s right; we will not work with your competition. Why would you want your Internet marketing company to work with the competition? We set out to help you beat the competition while other Industry firms try to level the playing field.

Internet marketing services we offer:

  • World-class custom dealership websites.
  • Best-of-breed search engine optimization services: No one has been doing search engine optimization longer and no one in the automotive industry does it better—we’ve beaten them all!
  • Socially integrated proprietary content management systems: To allow you to manage and maintain practically every aspect and all of your dealership websites features, content images, inventory and more.
  • Socially interactive inventory display: Direct links to Twitter, YouTube, Facebook and Google for real-time social opinions and reviews on each and every vehicle, not to mention social persuasion tools that allow visitors to see what other visitors have viewed. These tools are Single Throw patented exclusives and can only be found here!
  • Social networking for business: Both marketing and management (Facebook, YouTube and Twitter).
  • Pay-per-click advertising: In Google, Yahoo and Bing as well as relevant content sites.
  • Banner advertising campaigns: Design, strategy, development, execution and management.
  • Viral video marketing: Creation of custom engaging video content as well as the marketing of your videos across the Internet.
  • Content creation: Articles, website content and more, all custom written in your style and designed to connect with your customers. No “Insert Your Name Here” boiler plate content. We write content that sells.

Single Throw is the clear choice for dealerships that are looking to evolve and grow beyond the confines of the auto industry.

Auto dealership website testimonials:

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