Garden State Yacht Sales Sees Organic Leads Soar 71% with Qualified Digital Marketing Services

Tuesday, Apr 05, 2016


For over a decade, Garden State Yacht Sales has been a household name among New Jersey’s boating community and has for just as long, provided customers with a one-stop approach to buying and servicing the boating needs of their customers.

Located on the Manasquan River in Point Pleasant Beach, NJ, Garden State Yacht Sales is conveniently situated in the middle of one of New Jersey’s most popular summer vacation destinations and is mere minutes from the mighty Atlantic itself. With between 20,000 to 60,000 cars passing by daily, depending upon the time of year, Garden State Yacht Sales enjoys enviable roadside prominence for a business of its type. Yet, despite an ideal location and an exceedingly visible footprint, Garden State Yacht Sales didn’t enjoy digital success because, while thousands of people passed by the location each day, it didn’t follow that these passersby were boat buyers and boating enthusiasts.

Garden State Yacht Sales therefore, couldn’t depend solely upon great foot traffic and high visibility to generate leads, including new boat sales. The boat dealer made up its mind to target boat buyers where they assemble — online, where they conduct their research — online, and finally, where they express their intentions to complete a boat purchase — online.


Historically, Garden State had relied upon on a boating– and marina-specific internet marketing company to launch and maintain their digital strategy. But with an internet marketing plan that acted entirely as a brochure or billboard, the Garden State’s buying base wasn’t being analyzed, targeted, and pursued.

Recognizing that focus was needed to ensure Garden State was spending marketing budget on actual potential buyers, Single Throw recognized two challenges that had yet to be solved with their current digital strategy:

  • Garden State lacked a customer-targeted strategy. Offline, Garden State knew that while plenty of eyes saw the brand each day, not everyone driving by was a customer. In the same way, the existing online brand only appealed to visitors already familiar with the company and thus, the current plan lacked a strategy meant to persuade new customers.
  • Garden State lacked a services-targeting strategy. While identifiable as a known boat dealer brand in the area, Garden State’s offerings extended well beyond the warm-weather months and boat sales specifically, and included cold-weather services, along with maintenance and general boat care throughout the year. If Garden State provides solutions designed to acquire new customers throughout the entire year, then a digital strategy should have reflected these diverse offerings accordingly.

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