Edison ParkFast Redefines How to Target Buyers and Sees Online Reservations Skyrocket!

Wednesday, Jul 29, 2015


Spanning New York, New Jersey and Maryland with nearly 40 locations, Edison ParkFast has been a premier parking provider in the North East for over 50 years.

In addition to providing world-class parking in the metropolitan area, ParkFast also offers the added convenience of charging stations for electric cars and pre-paid parking cards that include additional savings. ParkFast even includes valet services, ensuring customers are ready to go when they return to the lot.


For nearly 20 of its 50 year operating history, ParkFast has worked tirelessly at maintaining its digital authority in their category.

But, when ParkFast deployed a new website, their search equity suffered. The new site struggled to strike the right balance between form and function, investing wisely in imagery germane to its locations, but lacking in content sufficient enough to avoid losing phrase position to the competition.

Being part of an extremely aggressive digital marketplace, ParkFast could not afford to allow the foothold they once owned to be relinquished to competitors so easily.

So, the challenge became restoring ParkFast’s position at the top of the digital totem, while casting a wide-reaching and permanent shadow over the competition.

In order to reclaim coveted phrase positioning, ParkFast needed a search engine optimization strategy that would ensure their digital customers could quickly and accurately find their parking locations. In order to be an option among already crowded search results, optimized content therefore needed to be:

  1. relevant, in-the-moment and life event-based experiences needed to be leveraged to ensure ParkFast’s new content footprint soundly aligned with the lifestyle choices of its consumer segments;
  2. quick, digital consumers have more options everyday. They are short on patience and have soaring expectations. Optimized content needed to be served with a keen sensitivity for how little time the consumer is likely to give ParkFast while making a buying decision and;
  3. valuable, parking can be expensive in any densely populated city. To further incentivize consumers, ParkFast’s content also needed to include savings offers that speak in the language native to searchers routinely shopping for parking discounts.

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