An Internet Marketing Company Leading as The Example

Leaders don’t create followers; they create more leaders.

Our Internet marketing company relies on strong leadership to sow the seeds of greatness within our ranks.

We maintain the highest of standards for those that lead the charge at Single Throw. Our leaders mentor those that prove worthy to carry the flag forward, passing the vision on to future leaders of our Internet marketing company.

Our team is made up of digital marketing pioneers and authoritative influencers that have paved the way for digital marketing to exist.

For almost two decades, Single Throw Digital Marketing has reliably and predictably produced results where others have failed. It’s not so much in our tools as it is our people.


Larry Bailin
CEO of Single Throw

Larry is the founder, CEO and thought leader of Single Throw Internet Marketing. Larry founded Single Throw in 2001. Under his leadership, Single Throw has grown to be one of the top Internet marketing companies in the nation, as well as provided Internet marketing services to some of the top companies in the world. Larry is the bestselling author of the marketing book, Mommy, Where Do Customers Come From? and is a renowned professional keynote speaker, speaking 20 times per year to leading organizations and fortune brands across the country. Click here to read Larry's full bio.


Jim Farrell
Chief Financial Officer (CFO)

Jim Farrell is the Chief Financial Officer and Co-founder of Single Throw Internet Marketing. He is essential to the inner workings of Single Throw—responsible for human resources and finances—and equally important to the clients. Jim ensures the quality of the strategies and services Single Throw provides. Click here to read Jim’s full bio.


Jennifer Obsuth
Chief Operations Officer

As COO at Single Throw, Jennifer Obsuth is responsible for leading the Single Throw team. To stay ahead of the game, she is constantly reading and researching, looking for any information that will help Single Throw remain competitive. Click here to read Jennifer's full bio.


Scott Dailey
Vice President of Sales and Marketing

As Vice President of Sales and Marketing, Scott spearheads Single Throw’s sales and marketing initiatives and guides the overall strategic direction of the company. Day-to-day, Scott ensures that Single Throw remains a relevant, top-of-mind presence in a competitive digital marketplace, as well as among prospects and clients. Click here to read Scott's full bio.


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