Brad Benson Hyundai Wants To Know: What Makes You Number 1?

Wall, NJ 2/24/15—Brad Benson Hyundai, the number one Hyundai dealership in New Jersey, has turned to Single Throw for assistance in developing a marketing campaign to display and celebrate the extraordinary and talented people that make up their customers.

The campaign urges people to upload a video telling Brad why they’re number 1 to the website dedicated to the campaign, The video that receives the most views, likes and comments will win a Microsoft Xbox One.

Larry Bailin, CEO of Single Throw said, “The Number1Because campaign is one of my favorites. The campaign provides Brad Benson Hyundai a chance to build real connections with consumers for all the right reasons. Number1Because is a pride-based campaign—Brad is recognizing his fellow winners, asking them to stand up and be proud of their achievements. This campaign is about Brad Benson Hyundai celebrating its customers and the winning spirit.  Number1Because is defining what it means to be a winner and allowing people to share the feeling of accomplishment.”

The early success of the Number1Because campaign sparked interest in Edmunds, a National automotive media company. The influential car buying advocate said the campaign is, “A great way for a dealership to engage with the community and one that apparently has struck a chord with the buying public.”

Single Throw launched a two-pronged attack using both digital and traditional marketing. This allows the measurement power of a strong digital initiative and the brand awareness of billboard and other print mediums to work cohesively with one another.

“When Single Throw came to us with the Number1Because campaign idea, we were thrilled,” said Dave Cantin, Vice President of Brad Benson Hyundai. “We wanted to create something that would be completely different and Number1Because is just that. The campaign has been able to expose how special our customers are to us. We’re extremely excited and overjoyed with the outcome we’ve seen so far.”

About Single Throw

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