Should my brand engage on social media? (And if so, how?)

First of all—yes. You should. Why?

People and businesses make decisions online today.

Over 8 in 10 Americans are now on social media. When they follow your brand, on average, 89% will later spend money with you. If they’re already your customer, 75% of new followers will increase their spending level.

So chances are, you want at least a baseline social media presence. Beyond that—there’s a world of opportunity for building your brand, your audience, and customer loyalty, as well as abundant insight via digital listening (we’ll explain in a minute).

Importance of an Organic Audience

Imagine you give a performance on stage. Would you rather perform for 5000 people and hear only 50 (or 1%) of them applaud, or perform for 50 and hear all of them applaud?

On social media: the number of people who see a post, over the number of people who engage with it, equals your engagement rate (or your applause rate).

Algorithms will boost posts when high percentages of people like, comment, and share. It will hide content with poor percentages. You want your followers to be true fans, the ones who will give you their “likes” as well as their dollars.

So focus on quality and allow quantity to follow (pun thoroughly intended).

Bridging Organic Social to Paid Social Media Advertising

The beauty of an organic audience is that your followers have already chosen you. They tell you exactly who your ideal customers are. Use this demographic information to target your social media marketing dollars. Done right, this can produce 10x ROI or higher.

Social Listening and DIGITAL LISTENING

In social listening, we scan the social media universe for relevant keywords (e.g., the name of your company). We can get specific in this approach, or go broader and call it digital listening, where we scan the entire internet.

Both are powerful tools for growth and customer research. They can inform customer service, product development, and even where to open new locations.

Social Media in the Digital Marketing ECOSYSTEM

Digital marketing efforts work best when they’re interconnected. We call this your digital marketing ecosystem, where your website is typically the cornerstone, email marketing is most direct, and a podcast can be the most potent in building authority.

Social media is your most well-rounded and accessible tool. It is often a customer’s first and most frequent touchpoint—where they discover your products, services, and all else you offer. That’s why social media is essential for promoting all other marketing channels.

Just let us know you’re interested. We’ll pull apart your social media activity—and that of your competitors—to tell you exactly how to boost your ROI and beat your competitors on social media.

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